Corporate services

From our office in Amstelveen, close to Schiphol International Airport, MTM provides, through a dedicated team, corporate services to clients from all over the world in a personal and professional manner.

Senior Management

  • Incorporation or acquisition of a Dutch legal entity
  • Providing the registered office of the Dutch legal entity
  • Acting as a managing director of the Dutch legal entity
  • Maintaining the Corporate records including the shareholders’register and the minutes of the board and shareholders meetings
  • Attend at board and shareholders meetings
  • Reviewing and executing document to be signed on behalf of the Company

Account Management

  • Coordination of all contacts with client-related parties and advisors (tax consultants, legal advisors, civil-law notary, etc.)
  • Organizing and minuting the annual general meeting of shareholders
  • Organizing and minuting extraordinary meetings of shareholders as well as any board meetings
  • Handling day-to-day correspondence of the company
  • Creating bank accounts
  • Checking and administering bank statements and related documents and, if required, forwarding copies thereof
  • Arranging filing of the corporation tax return in close co-operation with the tax consultant appointed for this purpose and handling other local tax matters (e.g. VAT/Wage tax)
  • Supervising and executing incoming and outgoing payments and electronic banking services
  • Complying with the Dutch Central Bank requirements
  • Providing any legal or special management or administrative services if required and giving all information to the client and/or his/her legal representative