Location, Location, Location!

Why choose the Netherlands as European location for your international holding-, finance- or royalty company?

The Netherlands has a well-established reputation for international holdings, finance- and royalty companies.

  • A large network of tax treaties
  • A well-developed infrastructure for bank and financial services as well as transport and communication
  • Multilingual workforce
  • Stable political climate
  • Asset protection
  • To gain prior certainty, it is possible to make agreements with the Dutch Tax Authorities on Advance Pricing Agreements (APA) and Advance Tax Rulings (ATR)
  • A great infra structure with Schiphol International Airport and the port of Rotterdam
  • Incorporation of legal entities are a fast and easy process

The legal forms generally used for setting up an entity in the Netherlands:

  • private company with limited liability (B.V.)
  • company limited by shares (N.V.)
  • foundation
  • cooperative (Co-op)